About me


Hello everybody my full name is Emilie Søs Petersen, i´m currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am currently studing at CPH Bussines school, my major is Multiemedia design. My studies is mainly aboute coding in dreamweaver and design, were i have learnd to use diffrent kinds of tools like photoshop, XD and illustrator. Last year i took a one year course in visuel design, were i studied real life drawing, croquis, perspective and design. I have also leaned to use diffrent materials like gouache, ecoline, watercolor, markers, ink and so on. Now i am looking forward to create my own style, so i hope you all will finde my site interesting. You are all wellcome to post a comment, so i can get some feedback and expand not only my drawing skills but also my design skilles. Have a nice day.


Moment: Warehouse employe, where i have packed magazines and newspaper "2015-2016".Promoters: worked with promotion with diffrent kinds of brands eks. Bosch and Pedigre


skils in drawing and painting from real life. The adobe pakage "photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator and XD design". and of cours HTML and CSS.


Visual Designer. Akademiets Tegne og Design skole "2016-1017". Multimediedesigner CPHBussines: "2018-2020"